Ocular Brachytherapy

Total cost in the USA is 49,685 dollars and in Brazil the same treatment in a state of the art hospital costs less than 12,000 US$.

Why treat in Brazil? Is it safe? 

We follow the same protocol from the best North American institutions including Iodine brachytherapy, intra operative ultras-sound for plaque location confirmation, best ocular oncology team in Latin America, trained in USA and Canada, all fluent in English and Spanish.

Albert Einstein hospital in São Paulo is number one hospital in Latin America and  38th best hospital in the world (Newsweek rank 2020). The hospital provides state of the art medical services with hospitality like a 5-star hotel.

Will I get the same treatment as in the USA?

Yes. The best if you consider the best North American centers. Many centers in the world, including in the USA don’t offer the state of the art treatment using iodine seed and intra operative ultrasound. We follow the best technique and on top of the much lower cost we offer the best human care, you will have access to our leading physician like all our VIP patients (including his personal phone number in case of any questions).

How does the Brachytherapy work?

Brachytherapy is a type of radiation therapy. With brachytherapy, radioactive seeds are placed close to the tumor, treating the cancer with a large amount of radiation and minimal damage to nearby healthy tissue. This is the standard treatment for eye cancers like choroidal melanomas, avoiding enucleation (eye removal).

With ocular (eye) brachytherapy, a gold plaque (thin gold sheet) with radioactive seeds is placed on the surface of your eye during a surgery (see Figure 1). The gold protects other areas of your body from radiation from the seeds.

The brachytherapy is treating the whole time the plaque is on your eye, usually for 2 to 4 days, with minimal discomfort. After the plaque placement you stay at a hotel close to the hospital with a dedicated medical team at your service 24 hours. When the treatment is complete a second surgical procedure removes the plaque and you can fly home the next day.

After my treatment who will follow up my case, after I fly back home?

With the help of your ophthalmologist we will follow you via telemedicine. The same doctor (Dr Rubens Belfort) will check your eye exame every 3 months on the first year and every 6 months for 5 years. That is the standard procedure in the best centers in the world.

Send us a message and we will schedulle a video consultation.

Link for the average cost of treatment in the USA here.